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Chatbots for websites

Curious about chatbots? You must be, you’re here! According to Mark Zuckerberg, Chatbots are the future and even the support powerhouse Zendesk believe “bots will have a big part to play in automating the sales process”.  Are you maximising the sales capacity of your website? Do you need a positive and interactive online experience for your website users when your staff have gone home? What would you say to having a bot that could answer all your users common questions, without needed ANY staff input, that is proven time and again to increase sales and brand trust?


Increase your website user engagement with a bespoke AI chatbot

Why Chatbots are important to your business!

Its safe to say in recent years the internet has seen an explosion in automation and new ways of communicating. The impact chatbots are having on your competitors websites is to increase sales, and loyalty is tangible. Can you really afford to be left behind?  Chatbots can be your very own, 24/7 virtual assistant, having crucial chat conversations, book meetings, in a variety of languages whenever your customers are online.  The latest AI bots can act as if they are a human representative that can be configured to offer your users a more personalised experience.

By implementing a chatbot on your site you can streamline interactions between your customers and your services, enhancing their customer experience.  It also offers your business new opportunities to improve the user engagement process and allows you to make savings in your operational efficiency, simply by reducing the typical cost of customer service!

Drift recently conducted research into user website engagement.  They found in the past 12 months that 15% of all business conducted at some point, went through a chatbot.  For less than an employees day rate, can you afford to be ignoring such an excellent ROI?

Do you want to increase your sales or join the growing number of websites with chatbots to increase your sales and improve your customer satisfaction and retention. We can help, our bespoke bot builder can compliment your customer service teams and chat with your customers 24/7


Potential benefits to your business and your customers.

Interactive chatbots are a powerful tool, the AI-powered technology opens up a new messaging channel between your and your users.  Some of benefits include:

  • 24/7 support
  • Place orders without human help
  • Book appointments
  • The ability to answer user queries
  • Retrieving detailed answers or explanations to customer questions
  • Paying bills
  • Upselling services or products
  • Resolving issues or complaints
  • Offering inspiration for purchases
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

These are only a few of the potential benefits to your business. Contact us today to see how we can incorporate your dedicated, AI powered chat messaging platform for your website.

Chatbots for websites for improved customer satisfaction

How can chatbots help to increase your revenue

What would improved lead qualification mean for your business? Would you like the ability for an AI bot to qualify your leads by asking relevant questions and directing those leads to your sales team, streamlining your sales conversion funnel.

Do you need better lead nurturing? Chatbot software can nurture your leads after the initial contact based on their customer journey. This enables you another communication method to offer additional value to your clients or upsell them them additional or complimentary products and services.

Many of the leading e-commerce brands are using chatbot conversations to increase sales. Using targeted bot interactions these brands are offering other customers other options to easily purchase or prepay for their items.

Chatbots can also act as a messaging app, if your bot is unable to answer a specific question then they can always be configured to hand over to a customer service agent at either a predefined stage in your decision tree or when the user requires, keep the chat alive.