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Do you have a great website that your customers tell you they cannot find? Have you ever searched online for your service or industry and wondered why you could not find your website in Google?

If, like most businesses we speak to, you may be having SEO issues! How often do you ask yourself, “how can I improve my website search engine ranking?” then you have certainly come to the right place!  Everyone wants to receive more traffic, we help you do just that and more!

We offer the full range of SEO services, designed to get you noticed.

  • Link Building
  • Citation Management
  • Content Creation
  • Product descriptions
  • ADWords and PPC
  • Tracking and Analysis

Whatever aspect your business needs to grow, we work with you to get you there.

Increase your SERP rankings

We improve your website SEO rankings

Search engine optimisation is the one thing your business should be doing every month. It still offers businesses the best return on investment money can buy.

We use the latest approaches, the best premium keyword tools and competition metrics recommended by all major search engines to increase your organic traffic. If you need help with your Search Engine Optimisation, our Kinetic Jam SEO packages can help your business increase its organic visibility.

Being SEO specialists, we know that just driving traffic to a website is not enough. Our SEO business packages ensure that we send the right traffic to your website – if you sell shoes, then having a million people find your website who are looking for hats will not increase your bottom line. We not only know how to increase traffic and click-through rate, we have found our approaches produce real results which increase your return on investment with higher revenues, sales and enquiries.

Solving your ranking factors

  • Do you have a Content strategy?
  • Would you like more visitors?
  • Have you optimised your website’s mobile-friendliness?
  • Are your title tags as strong as they can be?
  • Do you know your conversion rate?
  • Have you ever performed a technical or onsite SEO audit?

Google’s algorithms are complex, designed to retrieve data from its search index and instantly deliver the best possible query results. Many key factors determine how to deliver relevant, ranked webpages.  These search engine results pages (SERPs) are subject to thousands of changes per year. Keeping up with these is a full-time job. That is where we come in! We utilise the latest technologies designed to enhance user experience, pinpoint areas for improvements, and deliver results to increase your visitor count.  If you’d like to learn more on how to make Google care more about your website or why SEO is important for your business then please check out our SEO blog posts.

We can help you plan for the long-term, organic search traffic growth. We will identify areas your site may be struggling with and make suggestions.

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Do you want to attract more business and increase your sales? SEO should be a core, long term strategy for your business. Contact us today to supercharge your Search Engine Optimisation and improve your SERP!

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

In these COVID-19 times, websites are an increasingly important marketing tool. People are spending more and more time on the internet so it is important that you focus, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via natural, unpaid or organic search results. There are other forms of search engine marketing (SEM), that target paid listings.

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Search traffic is big business, and the big search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly changing the way they process websites, which means SEO needs to be a constant process, not a one-off. Staying on top of the latest changes is our job.

What works for driving traffic from search engines?

SEO begins with amazing web design that not only looks great, but functions efficiently for both you and crucially, your site visitors.  Visitors expect mobile-friendly sites.  If your website is not mobile-friendly in 2021, you are going to be losing customers!  As most local searches now happen on mobile devices, Google will now rank mobile friendly websites above those that are not responsive. Can you really afford to not cater to mobile viewers?

To remain competitive, it is vital to integrate a number of factors and regularly update or tweak your headings and titles, video content, blogs, website copy and imagery.  All these elements play a crucial role in deciding where your website ranks.  Traditional techniques such as meta-keywords are no longer used so do not waste your time on them!  Instead, you should focus on helping people find your site by optimising your content for relevant search queries, ensuring you have no duplicate content, writing the best possible meta descriptions and working on your link building strategy.

What might be harming your SEO?

High quantity, low quality links. Gone are the days where the more backlinks you got to your site the better. This no longer works, especially if all the links come from low quality, unrelated websites.

Keyword stuffing your page or using hidden text.  This is another old technique that was popular years ago. Search engines have now advanced enough to weed out websites apply this technique.  While it may give an initial boost, you run the risk of your site being penalised.  Matt Cutts formerly of Google, warned in 2007 against keyword stuffing to rank higher.

Poor servers can contribute to a slow loading speed, you should ensure your site is not one of those affected.

Also, don’t spend too much time on perfecting a keyword list, Google and the other big players are no longer interested in those words.

Beware of harmful SEO advice, it’s everywhere!