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You are what makes your business great, your website will prove it!

Website development is a core part of what we do at Kinetic Jam.  Be believe your website is the soul of your digital presence.  We create eye-catching sites that captivate your audience and engage them with a user-friendly experience that will generate growth and deliver measurable results.

As a company owner, have you ever asked yourself one of these questions?

  • Why is my website so slow?
  • Why don’t we have any site traffic?
  • Why does our site not convert our visitors?

These are common problems we solve for our customers. We become our customers Digital Partner.  We take your goals and develop the solutions so you can achieve it.  Whatever your project, we’d love to be involved.

Whether you want to offer a memorable UX, or stimulate new enquiries, or encourage customers to visit an eCommerce shop, then Kinetic Jam has the solution for you.

We’re focused on providing you and your users with the optimum online experience, producing search engine friendly websites that meet your goals and excite your customers.

Ecommerce solutions

Create. Sell. Grow.

If you want to sell from your website, then you need to offer your customers a great shopping experience.  That means making sure that your site is always focused on the customer, and dynamically responsive when accessed on mobiles and tablets.

Wherever your customer is, that’s where you need to be.

Kinetic Jam makes it easy for you, offering a perfectly-tailored solution to suit your needs.

Our eCommerce website packages are secure and robust, enabling your customers to feel confident and safe when shopping with you.

As well as that, they are fully customisable to suit your brand and products, including shopping basket options, promotional tools, website analytics and search engine optimisation.

We know how to help you win more customers.

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Your website should be an ever evolving entity. It’s not only SEO that you should be updating on a regular basis. Your website needs just as much attention to keep it secure and fast, 2 things Google really cares about!

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Why use Kinetic Jam as your Web Development agency?

Our success comes from your success

Your site should bring people closer to who you are as a business. People need to see how amazing your are. We work with you to shape their experience, using our industry knowledge as a specialist web development company.

We’ve built websites using a range of tools. This can be anything from a simple CMS, to custom built data systems, apps or web portals.

We’ll deliver quality websites that’s easy to use and a dream to manage. We’ll even train and support you all the way so you’re able to use it to its full potential.

It’s your success that drives us. We take the time to learn about your brand and business. We use your objectives to drive the projects, so everything is done with YOU in mind.

What's the difference between web design and web development?

As consumers, we understand that these terms can be confusing, especially when there terms are often used interchangeably by various web agencies or service providers. The truth is they are both very independent disciplines and while there is a cross-over between them and they are both core pillars to a successful website project, they fundamentally require two different and unique skill sets.  Transparency is important to us and so believe it is important that you know the difference as you look for someone to design and develop your company’s new website.  Let us provide a little clarification with the use of a building analogy. To build a property you need a variety of skills and trades.

Web designer refers to site’s aesthetics and how usable it is for your end users. Web designers are just that, designers with a skill set to use design tools within the Adobe suite such as Photoshop, XD or illustrator.  They use these tools to create the layout and other visual elements of the website.  Think of web designers as your architects.

Web developers are your builders and tradesmen. They take the design provided by the designer and build a functioning website from it.  These sites come in all different formats and platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Wix and Shopify.  They have all been built to serve the purpose of building a website to a design, provided by the designer.

Is Web Development dying?

In our opinion this a resounding no! Whilst the market for self building web platforms such as Wix, Squarespace or Weebly is growing, the market for development agencies is still going strong and in to us, seems to be growing right now. The self build platforms are great and there is a reason they have their market share but there are simple facts you cannot escape when using them.

The first is time, is your time better spent building a website than running your business?

The second is, do you have the knowledge and skills to build a website that not only brings in traffic but also converts it?  We’re not all Kevin Costner where if we “build it they will come”.  In the digital landscape, this act alone will simple get you in front of no one.

Thirdly, a self builder will have tools that lets you connect your social channels and other aspects of your business, but you have to invest the time again to get them running and unless you have the skills and time to do it properly, you’re not getting the benefit.

This is where good web developers are now.  We deal with customers on a weekly basis that have built their own site that does nothing for them and lead them into the next phase of their digital landscape.

Why is my website slow?

Possibly the most common question we’re asked is “why is my website so slow?”.

Website speed is dependant on a variety of factors, however these can often be distilled down to Hosting, Build Quality and Content.

Hosting is often the primary cause of a slow site. The most common cause is cheap hosting. We understand affordability can be a concern, but site loading speed will seriously harm your chances of being found online by your customers. Google take a dim view on slow sites and a simple phrase to remember is if your site is slow, Google will rank you low!

Build Quality is often another key factor. Just like your domestic tradesmen, some electricians are better than others. The same goes for web developers and the quality of their work. Google will again penalise your website if the build quality is poor.  If you suffer from dead links, missing files or a website that works poorly for your mobile visitors then you will be ranked lower than better quality sites.

Finally your content can be another big factor in your site speed. Often we have visited websites who have not optimised their images. There logo is displayed in a small box, say 150px * 80px yet the image itself is a 3000px * 2000px monster. Just because your design shows it as a small logo doesn’t mean your site is loading it that way! When this happens for logos in your header, not only are you slowing down your home page, you’re also slowing down your entire site as the header is loaded everywhere.  Be careful to optimise your images and other content.

If you are worried about your site speed contact us today to arrange a full website audit