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Social Media marketing to grow your business

It has been estimated that there are over 2 billion people online and potentially 100% of them are consumers. Is your business getting the most out of these powerful marketing tools to reach those consumers?

Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. But getting started without any previous experience or insight could be challenging.

The potential to reach new customers through social media has never been greater, and it’s constantly growing. If you are not already using social media for your business then you are potentially missing out on sales, customers and you’re not doing everything you can to get your name out there. There’s a hole on in your marketing plan. Effective use of social media will increase your business digital footprint, increasing your target audience, which in turn will enable your business to grow and develop. It is also very important for establishing consumer trust.

Business to Business Social Media Packages

We can help you plan and execute your social media so that you increase your reach, increase your engagement and increase your sales. Our business social media management services will help your business increase its exposure with other individuals and businesses using social media. Regardless of your business industry or size, our team have the social media marketing knowledge and experience to know what works, how it works and most importantly why it works which makes us 100% confident our social media packages really will have a positive impact on your business, increasing your customer base and retention.

So, whether you operate a B2B Business, B2C, online shop, hairdressers, Bed and Breakfast or one of a thousand other types of business, we will show you how to benefit from using social media, not only in the short term but also with long term goals in mind.

Why not contact us today to discuss your business goals and we can show you how our social media for business packages can help you achieve your goals. We offer free consultations on all new projects so what are you waiting for? We cannot wait to get started growing your business!

I already have a presence, what next?

If you already begun using social media as a marketing tool, that is fantastic, but it is just the start. Inactivity, inconsistent branding or messages across your social media platforms can also have a negative impact, not only to consumers but also potentially on your SEO.

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Benefits of using Social Media for Business

There are so many business benefits and growth opportunities that social media present, we know that there is no one size fits all or silver bullet that suits every business. We know how to individually tailor social media business solutions that will benefit your business. We firmly believe that every business can feel the benefits of a well executed social media campaign.

By taking out one of our business social media packages the benefits to your business include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Growth of your customer base
  • Exposure to our network of businesses
  • Focused targeting of new customer
  • Widespread improvement of your brand awareness
  • Premium generating of new business leads
  • More positive referrals and recommendations
  • Positive testimonials
  • Improved visibility and networking with like minded businesses
  • Free website Search Engine Optimisation from stronger social activity and more shares and strong links back
  • Peace of mind knowing that your accounts are always updated and not left stagnant
  • Guaranteed rapid response of useful information and new business leads
  • Save money by not needing to employ additional staff or take time out of your existing staff’s schedules to use social media, possibly incorrectly
  • Dedicated time per week of our professionally trained social media experts, ensuring consistent and only the best quality social media content reaches your customers and clients

Social Media Management Packages

As a business owner, manager, marketing executive or employee, more often than not you are too busy to effectively manage your social media packages. This is where we come in. If you are considering outsourcing your social media management then you have come to the right place. Our premier social media packages are created to put your business first. Our bespoke business strategies are designed to allow us to utilise your social media accounts to benefit your business, allowing you to sit back and reap the rewards without the additional overheads of extra staff. We are skilled at aligning our social media service to work alongside your existing marketing strategies, creating a consistency across your business model.

How it works

Our staff have years of social media experience, working with some of the UK’s biggest business and industries. We learn all we can about your business, research your competitors which allow us to produce high quality social media activity on your behalf. We have weekly research sessions and you will be introduced to your own Social Media Account Manager, who is on hand to make sure that every post, message, question and testimonial is responded to. If you ever have any queries about social media, or have some exciting news about your business coming up, they are there to answer the phone. Your Social Media business pages are a reflection of you and your company, and we understand that.