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Responsive web design to stand out from the crowd

Your website is often the first experience new customers will have of your business so making a good first impression really counts. You only have a few seconds to make the right first impression! The design of your website will be a crucial factor in your new vistor staying on your site or leaving as quickly as they arrived.

Does your website stand out from the crowd with a website design design that is strong, bold and mobile friendly? Do you have a clear and consistent message about who you are, what you do, why customers should choose you over your competition? Does your website do your business justice? No? Improve my website design!

Establish website trust

From the design and layout of your website, it's colour scheme, imagery and even the wording. The most successful way of keeping your visitors and turning them into customers is to ensure all of these factors work tigether and that your website looks professional and trustworthy. Establishing trust is difficult but incredibly important on the web! Making a purchasing, hiring a contractor or tradesmen based on their portfolio or even accepting the advice or opinion of a blog post all require trust beforehand. A professional website will help first time customers know you are serious about your business while a non responsive website in 2017 will tell most visitors that you’re not serious about what you offer your clients and will lead to them look elsewhere and likely never return. Can you afford to be turning customers away?

Creative Web Design from Kinetic Jam Plymouth. We deliver creative, beautiful, bespoke website design services. Let our webdesign team create your business the perfect website.

Google state traffic starts to drop off after 2 seconds and anything over 4 severely reduces the number of customers who will wait to see what you have to say. Do you currently have a high bounce rate of customers leaving your site within a few seconds. Perhaps loading speed could be an issue. A free web design consultation could offer some answers and help you increase your conversion. Is your website responsive and mobile friendly? Does it work as you expect on all browsers and devices? Just because you have an iPhone or Android, run Chrome or Internet Explorer on your laptop or Mac, it doesn’t mean your customers do. A website needs to be accessible to all devices and browsers. Is your above the fold content right on every page? You may only get one chance to turn the visitor into a customer. Only professional developers can identify issues quickly and know how to fix them with minimal impact to your business bottom line.

Once your customers have reached your website, does your design meet all of the key criteria customers are looking for? Beware of cheap offers for websites and hosting! There is a reason they are cheap and in the long run, cheap websites hurt your business, with fewer customers finding you and less conversions when they do. At Kinetic Jam, we are different. We are a web deisgn studio that knows how to turn traffic into conversion ensuring you see real returns on your investment.

Sensational web design service

When it comes to website design, there are many factors to remember. The way your website looks and navigates will decide whether you will be able to keep users on your website. It must be accessible with intuitive navigation. This is where a professionally designed website stands out. Only professional designers will have a sufficient and deep understanding of the full requirements and will have the comprehension why web design is important. With a professionally designed website you generally have 2 options:

  • Off the shelf templates
  • A custom, unique template

Off the shelf templates

Often the cheapest and most popular choice for many web projects. An off the shelf template allows a website to get off the ground quickly with its pre-built design, navigation and imagery. The trouble is, with so many templates to choose from, it's hard to tell which template will be the best to choose. One may look great but in just randomly choosing a pre designed template you don’t always know what else is coming with it. Does it load lots of additional information you do not need which could slow your site load times down and affect your Search Engine ranking? Do you need help improving your SEO? This is where professional developers stand out from those part time, after work, self taught developers. There are considerations to ponder for every template on the market, both good and bad. Our free web design consultations will help you make the right choice for your business.

Customised unique templates

While this is the most expensive way to create a website template it certainly does have many benefits over off the shelf solutions. Together we can decide exactly what is needed for your website and only design elements that are relevant. This can help with the load times and speed of your website as we’re only loading what is necessary rather than all of the requirements of a pre-existing website template. In the long run this type of development generally outweighs the rapid deployment options of an off the shelf template and gradually becomes more cost effective and profitable. It also leaves you safe in the knowledge that none of your competitor websites are going to look the same.

It is important to make the right selection when it comes to the design of your website.. You might either choose a popular template which runs the risk of making your website look and feel of others websites or your competition, or you go for one that is unique and radically different which alienates your customers. Finding that balance is crucial to your website success.

When we deliver a website we don’t just build you a site and cut the ties. We work differently with a process that’s been refined over the years to offer maximum satisfaction to customers and has allowed us to build many successful websites. Learn more about our development process and support packages.

Exceptional Website User Experience

Mobile-friendly, Responsive Websites

Mobile website consumption has grown year on year since 2011. Since 2012 more than half of local searches have been performed on a mobile device. Users now spend more time browse the web on portable devices than on standard desktop or laptop machines.

Maintaining a positive user experience by offering a consistent and pleasurable browsing experience to mobile customers will not only gain you new customers but help you retain your existing customer base.

Responsive web design by Kinetic Jam web design studio, Plymouth

With Google now penalising websites that are not responsive can you afford for your website to be ranked lower than a competitor site just because their website is responsive?

Website navigation and consistency

Your website should be designed in a way that makes it easy to use, too. Visitors need to be able to find what they are looking for with ease. Make sure navigating your site navigation is intuitive will ensure your visitors stay longer. We can help you make the right decisions on navigation and ensure a consistent visitor experience.

If your customers learn or find what they need you increase your chances of them returning to your site time and time again. Search engines increasingly place more expectation on website navigation. Lacking proper insight into these stipulations can have adverse effects on your website ranking and many result in your site will not be search engine friendly.